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“In 2015, my husband and I decided to sell our home of 25+ years and downsize to a smaller and more practical home (we’re both in our 60’s). We found a home in our preferred location, with an amazing view. The only issue was that our new home was uninhabitable in its current condition. It hadn’t be updated since it was “custom” (not in a good way) built in the early 1970″s. It had all the original appliances, and plumbing fixtures. The layout of the 1,800 sq. ft. was awkward, it had no natural light, the view wasn’t optimized, and, it had no curb appeal (it was the eyesore of the neighborhood). Needless to say, it was a total gut-job. Oh, and, did I mention that we didn’t have a ton of money? Having undertaken many remodeling projects in our previous home, we knew we would need help to make sure we did the remodel right, the first time.

Martha Picciotti immediately came to mind, as she is well known in our area for designing stunningly beautiful, high-end homes. We were reluctant to call Martha, however, thinking that our project would too small to appeal to her. Instead, we met with several other builders and designers that were recommended by friends and neighbors. None of them clicked with us. After several frustrating weeks, we decided to take a chance and call Martha. From our very first meeting, we knew Martha was The One. She was honest, direct, and conscious of our budget. Martha is both big-picture and detail-oriented. I could call Martha any time, any day, and she was always there for us. We never doubted that she was on our side; she didn’t hesitate to intervene on our behalf with subcontractors to insure our vision became our reality. Despite her petite physical size, she is a presence with which to reckon. Her tenacity and willingness to never give up when faced with obstacles is the reason our home is so perfectly designed. We have lived in our home for one year, now, and every day we thank our lucky stars that we called Martha. I can’t imagine what our home would have been like without her help. My husband and I often like to amuse ourselves by wondering if we would change anything, or do anything differently, if we had the chance. The answer is always, “No”.

I gave Martha Picciotti five stars, but if I could give her five hundred, I would.”

Pam Layfield

“My husband and I worked with an architect ten years ago and eventually built the home we designed but not without problems along the way. It was a very high-end home and we feel very lucky it turned out as well as it did. I didn’t think we’d ever build again but we are. Fortunately this time around we did our research and went about the hiring process a little differently. We got recommendations from builders thinking they would appreciate good, detailed plans, plus available and open communication from the architect throughout the project. We interviewed four or five candidates. MP Design was one of the firms we interviewed and we were impressed from the very first meeting. Not only did Martha Picciotti, the architect, come to the interview prepared with photographs of our property, sketches of her initial concept, eager to hear our ideas, and a detailed demonstration showing how she designs on a 3-D “Sketch-Up” computer program that allows you to watch the design evolve.

I am one of those clients who likes to be involved in the process and once Martha was hired I particularly enjoyed working with her throughout the design phase. She was always open to explore all options and because I could see the design evolve as she drew I never felt we wasted time or money during the various stages of designing our home. Because we don’t live in the city where our new home will be built, having an architect who “draws” on the computer and can send images to me has been invaluable in saving the expense and wear and tear of travel time Often we talk on the phone and images pass back and forth over our computers. I still find it amazing!

Aside from flow and scale, I feel Martha is very skilled in the areas of kitchen and bathroom design – keeping the spaces aesthetically beautiful but also extremely functional. We had many discussions about bringing natural light into rooms – something I am finding is so important. The home we designed was a modern farm house with historically accurate detailing. Her design work didn’t end with the house – beautiful patio/outdoor spaces were also designed and the landscape was laid out even before a landscape architect came on the project – Martha’s design ultimately becoming the design of choice!

We are now in the process of using Martha again to help remodel a ranch home we purchased to live in while we wait for the new home to be built. Remodeling is a somewhat different approach but the same attention to detail, willingness to explore all options, and suggestions to add value by putting our money where it makes sense has been greatly appreciate by my husband and myself.

I give MP Design my highest recommendation. Martha is a lovely person, fun to work, and someone who consistently impresses me with her talent and depth of architectural knowledge. “

Kathleen and Larry Fisher
Ojai, CA 93023

“Several of my friends had worked with Martha and I had seen the results in their gorgeous houses. I knew I wanted her to design my new house at least ten years before I had the gumption to start the project. She made it easy. We worked together at her computers, designing together and bouncing ideas and CAD/Sketch Up drawings around. I so enjoyed that process. I learned design vocabulary and principles and, best of all, was an active participant in the conception of the big and little details of my house. She was very open to ideas and thoughts, even if they were rather vague (“Could we curve the stairway around a little?”). We joked that the house was to be a Spanish/Moroccan/contemporary home and, believe it or not, it works. She was there throughout the building process. In fact, she, the builder, the interior designer and I met weekly for the duration of the project to walk through the property and refine details. The house has an open concept, beamed ceilings, arched doorways, unexpected architectural details and transitional spaces that beckon. I am extremely pleased with the finished home and comfortable in it. I highly recommend Martha Picciotti Design.”

“Martha is a very talented architect. She listens to the needs and wishes of her clients and is very easy to work with. Martha is creative and collaborative and ensures that her projects are executed with the highest quality builders.

As an update to this review after 18 months of working with Martha. Martha sticks with her design and ensures they are executed as intended. Her dedication to the project is amazing and this dedication benefits her clients.”

“Martha started on our journey to build a new home on the beach just north of Ventura, CA maybe 7 years ago… She was patient as we changed our minds over and over again on what this house would be. Now that we’re deep into framing, I can’t imagine working with anyone else. She’s creative, detail oriented, and plays well with others. We have a great collaborative relationship. The plans evolve on site.

The house is just about ready to be wrapped. We will continue to meet weekly to work out details (where I understand God resides), and I’m so excited to see this beautiful home take shape!”

“Martha and her team are a creative and high energy group that really listens to the client and works tirelessly to make the clients dream house come true!! She goes the extra mile!”

“We hired Martha Picciotti for a complete remodel of our Ventura home. Martha is a very talented architect who works collaboratively with her clients. She listens attentively as you explain your needs and vision for the space and then creatively translates this into a professional design. Your initial concept will come to life and metamorphose as she works on a computer program called SketchUp, which allows you to visualize the space in 3D from all angles.

Martha is a true professional- she works quickly, responds to emails and phone calls promptly and has an enthusiasm and joy for your project like no other. She was readily available for on-site review of the contractor’s progress and worked well with all of the professionals involved in our project. Her meeting follow-up is excellent- if you discuss something that needs further clarification you will typically get a response by the end of the day or within 24 hours.

We are now in our beautiful home admiring the completion of her fabulous design. We are truly grateful for her extraordinary work and highly recommend Martha Picciotti Design.”